January 19th, 2013

We leisurely had dinner together.

At the beginning, we barely ate. 

From time to time, we went to get some food.

We just talked and talked.

When we got informed that we had only ten minutes to finish our dinner, we started to eat like gurgitators. 

Wherever I go, I take pictures all the time.

When I take a picture, people sometimes suggest something to improve my photo's quality--I take a picture just to seize the moment.

I took a picture of queen crab up side down at first.

My good friend Joyce said as flipping over the crab,

Why don't you take a picture with the pretty side of the crab?

I have a great friend who has great taste. 

I wanted to have some raw fish. 

I ate only the fish part from sushi. 

Lana forced me to have the rest all of it, but I didn't budge. 

Joyce took one of them.

See what's left.

  1. BlogIcon 달방울 2013.02.08 08:39 신고

    아주 알차게 드셨네영 ㅋㅋㅋ 우왕 저도 영어로 쓰려고 맘먹고 있는데 그러려니 아예
    포스팅을 못하고 있어요 ㅋㅋ 시간이 엄청 오래 걸려서 ㅜㅜㅜ

  2. BlogIcon 컴터맨 2013.02.08 09:49 신고

    what the!!
    Sushi must have felt deeply insulted!!

  3. BlogIcon 러브곰이 2013.02.08 11:25 신고

    춥파춥스님 그동안 잘 지내셨어요?^^
    제가 넘 바빠서 오랜만에 찾아뵜어요~
    근데 영어가 막 ;;;
    사진과 같이보니 그래도 무슨 내용인진 알 수 있을 것 같아요 헤헤
    명절연휴 즐겁게 보내시고 복 많이 받으세요^^
    앞으론 자주 놀러올께요 :)

  4. BlogIcon 핀☆ 2013.02.08 19:37 신고

    뭐라고 하는지 하나도 모르겠다. 그냥 가만히 있어야겠다.

  5. BlogIcon silverly 2013.02.12 18:02 신고

    대게네요 ㅋㅋ

  6. BlogIcon silverly 2013.02.12 18:02 신고

    대게네요 ㅋㅋ

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