January 19th, 2013

This movie was very upsetting.

There were several repulsive scenes; a ripped leg, wounded ribs….

I wish that kind of horrible catastrophe would never happen to anyone.

And I really wonder how the children can climb up the tall tree in that disastrous situation.

They boys from this movie are so adorable.

When they took after one another, they're so cute.

I wanted to take them home.

I loved the commercial ad before the movie started, though.

Because I could see the Haeundae beach. I want to go home.


I miss you guys already.엉엉

뿌잉Take me with you!!!

  1. BlogIcon 달방울 2013.02.12 09:47 신고

    요새 '애들' 코드가 대세인가봐요. 붕어빵, 아빠어디가 등등

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